alex pettyfer tattoos dianna agron

Alex Pettyfer Tattoos

Alex Pettyfer tattoos is the new news from this England actor. He is an England actor and came from the modeling stage before reaching the on screen world. He started his modeling career in his early age of adulthood. He began his role in the movie in 2005 by entering the acting and rolling scene of Hollywood business. He gets the main focus of the people by his role and [...]

octopus tattoo shop

Octopus Tattoos

Octopus tattoo is hit the great spot of every young people and adults today. The trend of inked octopus in their skin is not just based on its stunning but also its struggle in the sea and also its meaning. They feel that octopus is the master of disguised out there in the ocean. Octopus also judges as one of the most stunning sea creatures in the sea. You can [...]

wes khalifa tattoos on his neck

Wes Khalifa Tattoos

Wes khalifa tattoo or Wiz khalifa is a new rising star rappers that has the title king of tattoo in rap. He had so many tattoos on his skins in all over his body. Wiz khalifa is young rappers with the great nerve in his lyrics and music. His real name is Cameron jibril Thomaz and his parents are military services. He had life in many countries before got his [...]

mermaid tattoos sf

Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid tattoos are becoming the new trend in the tattoo for both of male and female. Many women like to ink this tattoo because of the beautiful images of mermaid. But, men like the sexiest side of mermaid as their best reference for taking this tattoo on their skin. Mermaid and mermen, the male version of mermaid, has been the most controversial issue through out the world. Those creatures have [...]

mitchel musso tattoos

Mitchel Musso Tattoos

Mitchel Musso tattoo is the brand and hottest topic among the teenagers and youth. Mitchel musso is one of the casts in Hannah Montana. He plays as oliver oken in this famous music series among teenagers. Hannah Montana helped him find his spot among the TV stars. Every one is really amazed when they figures out that one of the golden kid of Disney has tattoos in his body. Mitchell [...]

kid cudi tattoos pink

Kid Cudi Tattoos

Kid Cudi is one of the rappers with the signature of tattoos in his body. Everyone is getting amazed with his tattoo. Rappers are very famous with the in lyrics and catchy tracks but there are another thing for them to be famous about. One of them is their street life and their taking part of in a gangster. Many rappers assigned tattoo as their memories of life. It is [...]