alex pettyfer tattoos little lamb

Alex Pettyfer Tattoos

Alex Pettyfer tattoos is the new news from this England actor. He is an England actor and came from the modeling stage before reaching the on screen world. He started his modeling career in his early age of adulthood. He began his role in the movie in 2005 by entering the acting and rolling scene of Hollywood business. He gets the main focus of the people by his role and [...]

dog tag tattoos around neck

Dog Tag Tattoos

Dog tag tattoo is the most well known tattoo these days. Many famous people are wearing or having tattooed the dog tag in their body for some reasons. You can see from the singers, rappers, until famous movie stars almost have this kind of tattoo on their skins.  Dog tag tattoo originally came from the military side of tradition. Soldiers like to engrave this tattoo based on their real dog [...]

chris andersen tattoos miami heat

Chris Andersen Tattoos

chris andersen tattoos are the best topic in the NBA news for these recent years. Chris Andersen has evolved on his career on the NBA. He was famous for his dead look pale on the league. Many people addressed him as the dead zombie on the field because he was too pale on the skins. But, it was other story with the skill and game he had. He was a [...]

half sleeve tattoos for men ideas

Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half sleeve tattoos for men is the most branding topic on the engine search. This reason comes from the popularity of half sleeve tattoos among men. Moreover, a lot of people could watch their stars wearing half sleeve tattoos in the TV. You can see the actors, football player, basketball player, and even singer or rapper. You could also easily browse about the tattoos in the web. That is why [...]

wes khalifa tattoos tumblr

Wes Khalifa Tattoos

Wes khalifa tattoo or Wiz khalifa is a new rising star rappers that has the title king of tattoo in rap. He had so many tattoos on his skins in all over his body. Wiz khalifa is young rappers with the great nerve in his lyrics and music. His real name is Cameron jibril Thomaz and his parents are military services. He had life in many countries before got his [...]

alex o'loughlin tattoos back up plan

Alex O’Loughlin Tattoos

Alex O’Loughlin tattoos has been the hottest issue for most of his fans and people who admired him. This actor was born in Australia in 1976 and the date was august 24th. As an Australian, he grew up in Canberra. He started his first debut in the film of oyster farmer in the year of 2004. He had the the main haracter in this film and it would help his [...]