alex pettyfer tattoos little lamb

Alex Pettyfer Tattoos

Alex Pettyfer tattoos is the new news from this England actor. He is an England actor and came from the modeling stage before reaching the on screen world. He started his modeling career in his early age of adulthood. He began his role in the movie in 2005 by entering the acting and rolling scene of Hollywood business. He gets the main focus of the people by his role and [...]

lea michele tattoos tumblr

Lea Michelle Tattoos

Lea Michelle tattoos really opposes her character in her famous cast of Rachel berry in Glee. Her character is a good and stars of the glee. In this famous fox tv show, she is a good girls and has a fabulous voice in each of her song in the glee series. She admitted that she inked her body and skin with the 14 fabulous tattoos. Recently, she also makes her [...]

is it normal for a tattoo to peel ink

Is It Normal for a Tattoo to Peel

Is it normal for a tattoo to peel is the very same question people or the new tattooed people always ask about the aftercare of their tattoo process? Peeling and flaking in a new tattoo is totally normal for the skin. The tattoo will create some layer of whitish or cracking tissue before get the peeling process. Then, there is a peeling with the old and dead skin started to [...]

mermaid tattoos meaning

Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid tattoos are becoming the new trend in the tattoo for both of male and female. Many women like to ink this tattoo because of the beautiful images of mermaid. But, men like the sexiest side of mermaid as their best reference for taking this tattoo on their skin. Mermaid and mermen, the male version of mermaid, has been the most controversial issue through out the world. Those creatures have [...]

deshawn stevenson tattoo 505

Deshawn Stevenson Tattoos

Deshawn Stevenson tattoo is an image of Abraham Lincoln as one of the president of United States of America. Deshawn Stevenson has a bright career in NBA and already played in a few big teams. You can say his first team is Utah jazz. From Utah jazz, he has been wandering around the national basketball league for the best teams. You can count on Orlando magic, Washington wizards, Dallas mavericks [...]

anchor tattoo meaning tumblr

Anchors Tattoos

Anchor tattoos meaning is derived from the sailors that brought out the tattoo around the world. They started the popularity of the tattoo by wearing them on their skin and body. The oldest tattoo of the sailors is the nautical tattoo symbols. The nautical symbols tattoo also has become the well known tattoo for common people too. The anchor tattoo meaning is just like the same use of the anchor [...]