St Michael Tattoos

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St Michael tattoo is one of the famous tattoos around the globe. Many men and women like to have this angel as their tattoo in every parts of their body. We have to know who St Michael is before we are going to talk about the meaning of the tattoo and the designs of the tattoo. St Michael is one of the archangel and people usually call him as Archangel Michael. Archangel means as a leader of the angel in slaying demon and Satan. He is the holly creature of god and he can not be born or canonized on earth. The image of St Michael itself often appears in the war between Satan, devil, demon against the holly spirit of angel as the carrier or messenger of god’s will. He always appears in the epic wars of Satan and angel. His main job is to slay the devil under the power of god. He always bears his beloved sword and shield as his main weapon in every holly war between the good and evil. He took a lead as the field leader in the Jerusalem war of Satan and angels in defending the holly city. You can find about this whole story in the bible of Old Testament. He does not only appear in the Christian, but he also appears in Jewish and Islamic tradition. The famous action of St Michael is to force out Lucifer and the fallen angel from heaven.

St Michael tattoo meaning and designs

The one who bear St Michael tattoo in their body has his or her reason for the tattoo. Some of the people did that because of their fondness to the St Michael itself as the leader or archangel of the angel in fighting the devil and Satan. Many of them tattooed their body with St Michael image because of their holy side. The most common opinion of St Michael is the protector of the human race. So, the person with this tattoo acted as the guard of his or her beloved one. He or she would give anything to protect the one that they loved so much. The other view is the feeling of god army in their soul or even the leaders of some groups. It is due to the St Michael position as the leader of the angels.

st michael tattoo

There are so many designs of St Michael tattoo in every tattoo on human skins. The most phenomenal one is the picture of St Michael defeat angel with his sword on to the head of Satan or Lucifer. It means that the good side or the will of god had a triumph against the evil. The next famous tattoo of this angel is St Michael resting in the heaven with his sword and shield. It indicates the alertness of St Michael against the devil even he is resting in heaven. The last well known is the image of St Michael slay a dragon with his mighty sword and shield. All of the details above about St Michael tattoo will give you the good reference for this angelical tattoo.

9 Photos of the St Michael Tattoos

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