Rebel Flag Tattoos

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Rebel flag tattoos are also know as the confederate tattoos. This kind of flag is just like any other tattoo today. Recently, tattoo is not longer the signs of a criminal, but rather the expression of art and feeling of the tattoo wearer. As a well known form of art, tattoo has spread around the world. As an art, tattoo put the people in the same level without any isolation.  The people have the same right and chances in getting the tattoo on their skins. But, it is really a sad thing that one of the meanings of rebel flag tattoo is the race isolation or racism for the most common words. Let’s take a deep sight of the rebel flag designs and meanings for the tattoo.

Rebel flag tattoos designs!!!

Rebel flag tattoos were based on the famous rebel flag at the time of American civil war. It is called as the southern cross as the sign of the southern America heritage. But, it also remains us of the shame memory of the slavery, race isolation, and the battle of American civil war.  It was the confederate states who took to the air the rebel flag for the first time. It went on the World War II and many American soldiers carried the rebel flag on their struggling effort in the battlefield for America. After World War II, the action of taking or raising the rebel flag was completely stopped. Today, rebel flag find its fame again to every young people hearts and they take the rebel flag in any various forms. The trendiest form is getting the rebel flag tattooed permanently on their skin.

rebel flag tattoos pics

We already stated that rebel flag is a kind of a sign for southern heritage. Many southern people wear rebel flag in their skin or inked the flag in their body. Some people guess that the rebel flag is quite similar to the current American flag. Rebel flag tattoos is also said to be some kinds of tattoos in military. It is due to the time of the tattoo worn in the time of wars. If you want to get the military tattoo theme, you can get the rebel flag as your tattoo for its elation to the war. But, you have to be really careful for this tattoo because it also means as the racism and slavery. The African American people or society is really against this rebel flag tattoo. So, if you already knew about the history and meaning of rebel flag, you can get this tattoo on your skin.

You can ink the rebel flag tattoos on the arms or even on your shoulder. But, most of the girls like to get their rebel flag on their lower back or in their shoulder. You can add some designs to your rebel flag by adding your initials or even your full name or your beloved person to it. It can be added for eagles, anchor, and burning flames just to make it more appealing.

rebel and american flag tattoos

6 Photos of the Rebel Flag Tattoos

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