Peacock Tattoos

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The peacock tattoo meaning has caught the interest of many of the tattoo wearer. Peacock tattoo is regarded as the most pleasant bird tattoo. This kind of tattoo really reflects the beauty and grace in its image of glitzy and colorful bird. Peacock is a male bird with the lively appeal and feminine side. So, it is not a merely coincidence that many women loves to engrave the tattoo on their skins. Many people like to ink this tattoo in their body due to the versatile of the design and the meaning of the peacock. The tattoo is a long life symbol in your skin. You have to get the deep understanding about what is the tattoo for and the peacock tattoo meaning. The tattoo also appears as the reflection of your traits.

The Peacock tattoo meaning for its wearer!!!

The first thing comes into your mind about peacock must be the integrity case. Peacock through out the centuries said as the symbol of integrity. It is engraved in the legend, folk lore, and myth.  Peacock has the mixture of tone and color in its feathers. The tie of its feathers regards as the symbol of unity. Based on this meaning, the wearer of peacock tattoo must be someone who really respects the humanity. He or she also has the integrity and unity in the soul.

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The inside beauty of man and woman represents by the outer beauty of peacock. The peacock also marks the level of purity in mind. It really related to the feelings of noble, honesty, kind, patient, and religious. The wearer of the tattoo must be regarded to the person who has the great spiritual and faithful to god.

A person who got the peacock tattoo also regards as the optimistic and prudence person. They also had the moral alteration, kindness, and deep love. All of the meaning is based on the peacock real traits. In Asian belief, the peacock tattoo also considers as Kuan yin Pu sah.

Peacock also the emblem of royalty. The royalty in this tattoo is the same as dignity, spiritualism, alertness, and safety. You can find the same meaning in the animal alchemy symbol of peacock. The peacock also has the meaning of arrogance and haughtiness. It derives from the male peacock traits in spreading its tail for pride and breeding.  So, many men like to ink this tattoo as the symbol of their manly pride.

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Peacock also holds the meaning of rebirth in Christian way of view. The peacock said to have the meaning of immortality, incorruption, and clarity in the wearer of this tattoo. The tattoo design for this emblem is its feathers.

All of the details of the peacock tattoo meaning will give you much help in choosing the tattoo. You have to get the clear comprehension about the tattoo. Tattoo is for your whole life time and that is why you should know about the meaning. So, if you are the right person with the meaning of a peacock, you can get and inked the peacock tattoo on your skin. Black and white tattoo of peacock is quite good for you. But, you can have it with the vivid color to show your best traits based on the peacock tattoo meaning.

8 Photos of the Peacock Tattoos

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