Hakuna Matata Tattoos

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Hakuna matata tattoo is one of the African famous phrases around the world. The phrase of hakuna matata came from the Swahili language. The term or phrase brought to the outside world by the Disney movie of Africa wild life. The movie of lion king is the only main reason for this phrase spread around the world. Now, the phrase has owned its vital role in every one traits and life. Many people like to engrave these words on their skins and in their specific part of body. Hakuna matata derives from the Swahili language that brought up by Elton john and Tim rice in the most memorable Disney movie of lion king. The story was all about the journey of a young lion, samba, in facing the reality and left behind all of his past. He had to face the future with the spirit of hakuna matata in its soul. The phrase of hakuna matata has taken the songs of lion king into the best 100 songs of movie soundtrack by the American institute. The song was nominated for the best soundtrack and song in the 1995 academy awards. Every biggest fans of lion king must be familiar with these words. In the movie, we can see that the Meerkat and warthog, Timon and Pumba, taught the lion king how to behave as a king in the jungle.  If you are one the fans, you will ink this hakuna matata tattoo on your skin and in your parts of body.

Hakuna matata tattoo meaning and design!!!

Hakuna matata carries simba’s effort in becoming a lion king. But, that was in the movie and what about the meaning in the real language of Swahili and real world.  Hakuna matata means no worries or no problem. The phrase really tells you to move on in your life and no worries about what happened in your past just in the past. You should learn something in your past. The other meaning is no problem what your past brought you, but it was your past and left it behind because there isn’t any problem with your future. From the real meaning of the hakuna matata, we could know about the meaning of the wearer of the tattoo. Many people wear hakuna matata tattoo based on their will to forget about the past and take the next step into their future. We can say that those kinds of person really inspired someone else to have the positive thinking about their life.

Hakuna matata tattoos

There are so many desing for this Swahili phrase. First, it is inked with the words of HAKUNA MATATA on your skins without any other emblems just the bold words of the phrases. Next, the tattoo is the words and adds some of the view of African wild life such as the image of African savanna or even the image of lion and other animals. The last design for this tattoo is the symbol of hakuna matata in Swahili language. The symbol is just like a circle on the above and the down line on the downwards. All of the details would give a brief resume what is hakuna matata tattoo meaning and designs.


hakuna matata tattoo fonts

10 Photos of the Hakuna Matata Tattoos

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