Dog Tag Tattoos

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Dog tag tattoo is the most well known tattoo these days. Many famous people are wearing or having tattooed the dog tag in their body for some reasons. You can see from the singers, rappers, until famous movie stars almost have this kind of tattoo on their skins.  Dog tag tattoo originally came from the military side of tradition. Soldiers like to engrave this tattoo based on their real dog tags of their identity. We know that military is familiar with some kinds of tattoo such eagle for air forces or even skull and bones with the marines. Dog tag is the tattoo of the infantry in the forces. But, there are some people tattooed the dog tags tattoo on their skins for the reason of remembrance and loving of some one in the war.

Dog tag is the old thing that came from the age of civil war. It begins with the identification of some soldiers through their clothes in a piece of paper. Then, they made the id included their name and the unit they were in into a wood carving necklace. The soldier had an id for them in the form of a disc engraved with their name, unit, and forces. Soon, the used of disc is replaced by the oblong shape of tag for id. The dog tag is found by Chaplin Charles C. Pierce. It still continued in the next Great War of World War II. In this Great War, the using of dog tag was a mandatory since 1913. During the Vietnam War, the used of dog tag and dog tag tattoo became popular among soldier and youth. They said it was their way in protested Vietnam War and alleged to the lost soldier in Vietnam. The trend goes on until these recent days.

dog tag tattoos on ribs

Dog tag in the new form of popular style

Dog tag has become the most popular object today. Many rappers like to show their dog tag tattoo as the sign of their memory in life. Many famous stars even like to wear dog tag as their pride of being American. The singer even could show their dog tag as their emblem to the world. Even wrestlers like dog tag and dog tag tattoo too. You can see John Cena wearing dog tag as the sign of his pride to the army.

Dog tag tattoo meaning and idea

Dog tag tattoo has some meaning to the bearer of the tattoo. The meanings are remembrance and memorial of their life. The dog tag tattoo for those meaning are tattooed for the military, military family, or friends to engrave the memory of some one they knew in battle or in a war. It will serve as their sign to the lost or death friends or comrades in the battle.

dog tag tattoos on ribs

The other meaning of dog tag tattoo is for the identification for the soldier. Many soldier had some fear in their mind if they meet the worst thing in battle. They would need some permanent id to ensure their family does not lost any news for their death in the battle. They choose to have tattooed their personal dog tag in their body to make it easy for the identification. Most of them would choose the permanent place in their body such as their neck. They would choose to have dog tag tattoo as the necklace to their collar bone and neck with some modifications on the chains.

There are many ideas or design for dog tag tattoo. You can have dog tag tattoo in a pair of praying hands holding a sets of dog tags. You can have the dog tag chain bind around a barbed wire of thorns. A pair dog tags lying in a surface is also a good idea for your tattoo. Or you can have the dog tattoo chained a cross. Many people would place their tattoo in the neck, chest, on the top of foot, wrist, or on the calf.

8 Photos of the Dog Tag Tattoos

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