Angel Tattoos

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Angel tattoos are the most favorite and well known tattoo among youth. From time to time, angel always regards as the holly spirit and the emblem of religion. Many people like to have this unique tattoo of angel to show their religious or their faith in god. The tattoo of Angel has taken the great spot on every man and woman. They feel blessed with the great and holly spirit of angel if they tattooed the angel in one parts of their body. Angels told to be a god’s messenger in delivering his words or saving every man and woman on earth.

Angels are derived from the Greek language of Aggelo. It means as the one which job is to announce something. This related to the main task of angel as the messenger of god’s words to the people. People with angel in the form of tattoo in their body believe that they have the spiritual freedom in their soul. They thought they are being protected by god. The other meaning of this tattoo is the devotion to our beloved one who just passes away from this world. There is a common perception in every culture in the world that someone who passes away with the great love to the god becomes angel. These kinds of people appear as a guide to their family to their happiness. So, angel tattoo is the devotion of our love to the god and the symbol of religious side of the people or their faith in god.

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Angel tattoo designs and representation

The most favorite design of angel tattoo is getting the wings of angel in their shoulder or in their back. The location of the wings indicated their intention that they are naturally born as an angel with the wings in their shoulder or back. There are other well known angel designs for tattoo. First is the guardian angel. The meaning of this tattoo is the feeling of relieve and peacefulness around them. This feeling came from their belief that they are being watched by god through angels on their side. Cherub or cupid also presents the great condolence of purity and love. This occurs as the cupid tattoo with the arrow of love to produce love among human.

Angels are the good side of god’s love for human, so the tattoo is the symbol of the love between god and human. But, the fallen angel tattoo is something different from the other cherub tattoo. It is said that the fallen angel drive out from heaven because of treason to the god. The person with the fallen angel has the effort of good and evil in their soul. The design of this tattoo is often alarming with the demons, Satan, or dark angels.

The death angel is other tattoo that has the negative meaning. It is always associated with the grim reaper that brings death to every human. It is always menacing with the devil. Choosing the image of angel as your tattoo really needs a great time of thinking which angel you are going to take. Every angel has their own side and meaning. It is depended on you to choose the angel based on your personality and traits.

Angel tattoo


10 Photos of the Angel Tattoos

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